1931 Ford Rat Rod

I'm sure as the first cars rolled off the assembly line, Henry Ford could little imagine what an impact they would have on the world. Not only from a transportation and infrastructure standpoint, but from an integral cultural one. And as soon as they ended up in the hands of the "creative types" people started making them their own. The birth of the hotrod was decades away, but the seeds of that phenomenon were sown in those assembly plants in Michigan. Speaking of creative types and hot rods, check out this stunning rat rod from redfern1950s2! The color combination of sand green and black says old and new at the same time. And the souped up engine says "I'll see you in my rear view mirror".

1931 Ford Rat Rod
1931 Ford Rat Rod

Technic Ford Edge

This Technic Ford Edge by builder chumuhou is pretty insane. There's no description or links to learn more about it, so I can't tell you what specific features it has, but the battery pack and motors visible from below make it look like a fully functioning RC car. The body styling is fantastic, right down to the Ford emblem on the awesome front grill. 


Ford Bronco

You can practically hear inspirational music, smell the pine and see the magnificent vistas from some spectacular natural monument when you look at this adventure ready Ford Bronco from Lino M. It may be a bit dated, but it is no doubt classic American outdoors. Now for some reason I'm craving hot chocolate by a campfire while everyone else ruins marshmallows.

1974 Ford Bronco
1974 Ford Bronco

Matter Of Life And Death

Builders LinoM and rabidnovaracer have teamed up for March's LUGnuts challenge "Matter of life and death" to bring us two vehicles two vehicles designed for a critical moment in life, namely the potential end of it. Should disaster strike you might find yourself in the Flatline Ford, racing to the hospital. But if things shouldn't go too well you might end up in the Hells Bells Hearse. Either way you're traveling in style.

'31 Flatline Ford
"Hell's Bells" 1967 Cadillac Hearse