Purple Rod

There's a moment in every hot rod builder's project where the decision has to be made, what color? In the real world this can be put off and agonized over for most of the project, and consequently make or break it. Imagine having spent years building a car, only to screw it up at the last minute with a terrible paint job. In the LEGO world, that decision has to happen quite early, and can also have dire consequences. Depending on color, finding the parts you need can be quite challenging. So I'm always impressed with a rare color choice, and this purple beast by builder redfern1950s2, is a real eye catcher. Of course purple isn't as rare as it used to be, but it's still very limited in part choice, which makes this hot rod all the more impressive.

Purple Rod...
Purple Rod...

1931 Ford Rat Rod

I'm sure as the first cars rolled off the assembly line, Henry Ford could little imagine what an impact they would have on the world. Not only from a transportation and infrastructure standpoint, but from an integral cultural one. And as soon as they ended up in the hands of the "creative types" people started making them their own. The birth of the hotrod was decades away, but the seeds of that phenomenon were sown in those assembly plants in Michigan. Speaking of creative types and hot rods, check out this stunning rat rod from redfern1950s2! The color combination of sand green and black says old and new at the same time. And the souped up engine says "I'll see you in my rear view mirror".

1931 Ford Rat Rod
1931 Ford Rat Rod

Fill 'Er Up

And by "'Er" I mean my gas tank, shopping bag and belly, which you could do back in the day at your local service station. This throwback to the good old days by Norton74 features just such a station, and it's as charming as it was back then at the station that inspired it in Tucson Arizona. It features a detailed shop, store and diner, which are all superbly detailed and absolutely inviting.

Art Déco Gas Station
Art Déco Gas Station | the diner
Art Déco Gas Station | the garage

Red Baron

I had the Monogram plastic model kit and the Hotwheels version of this iconic hot rod when I was a kid, the legendary Red Baron. Every kid knew this car, and we all wanted one. And if you would have told me that it was possible to build it microscale with some 11 parts I would have been pretty skeptical, but check out this version by Unijob Lindo, it's perfect!

Micro Red Baron


It's a landmark of a west coast motorsports legend, the Mooneyes headquarters in Santa Fe Springs California. If you've spent any time around hotrods, or even just admired them as they rolled by, you've probably spotted the iconic cartoon eyes logo of this home-brewed and passionate company. Builder Norton74 brings us the historic location of the company in this stunning MOC, which is superbly detailed inside and out.

MOONEYES headquarters - Santa Fe Springs CA | exterior
MOONEYES headquarters - Santa Fe Springs CA | interior