Bond, James Bond

While adult me finds the womanizing and chauvinistic overtones a bit unsettling (we’ve come so far, sort of) I’m still a bond fan. And while this piece by JS_Ninjnerd depicts MI6’s most infamous agent as a silhouette, I’m choosing to see him as my personal favorite Bond, Sean Connery. And admit it, the theme song is in your head now huh? It’s in mine, and it’s totally agreeable.

Largo's Lair

Oh Largo...You've got a sweet pad in the Bahamas (seen here perfectly recreated by Mark of Falworth), an awesome yacht and a bitchin' hydrofoil. You seem to have it made, why did you have to go stealing nuclear bombs and threatening everybody? You could have spent your remaining years lounging in luxury, now you've got 007 on your trial...good luck with that. 

Largo's Lair.
Largo's Lair. (daytime)

Wet Nellie

I don't recall if I went to see The Spy Who Loved Me at the theater or not, It came out the same year as Star Wars and I did see a lot of movies back then. What I do recall is watching Bond climb into this lovely machine and speed away, and the collective jaw-drop as it turned into a sub later in the film. That was the very first time I remember seeing a car on screen and thinking "oh I gotta have me one of those". It's still one of my favorite 007 moments, and now it's one of my favorite MOC moments thanks to EROL.

Lotus Esprit Submarine "Wet Nellie" (James Bond 007 Movie Car)
Lotus Esprit S1 - James Bond 007 Movie Car (Collector's Item)