A Tribute To Queen

The timing of this wonderful pair of builds from Nick Brick is absolutely perfect for me, since I finally got a chance to watch Bohemian Rhapsody just last week. It’s Brian May’s legendary Red Special and Freddie Mercury’s iconic “Bottomless Microphone”. The guitar was built by Brian and his dad, and was subsequently used on every Queen album. The legend of the mic is in the band’s early days during a performance Freddie’s mic stand came apart, and he just went with it. He discovered he liked it that way and the rest is history.

For Those About to Rock....

I salute you sebastian bachórzewski! This guy's heading off on a highway to hell with his sweet new gee-tar 'cos London's calling! I love the use of the neon LEGO pieces to create the lights in this scene - I can just imagine them illuminating the guitars underneath. The sugar skull details on the punk rocker's top and the flame tattoo on his arm are awesome additions. I can picture this Insomnia's Guitar Heaven being down a side-alley where only the toughest of minifgs would dare to venture. There's probably a tattoo studio next door and a 'biker's bar' opposite blasting music from the juke box....

Insomnia's Guitar Heaven

Brother In Arms

Seeing this wonderful creation from Rod Gilles somehow brought back memories of Dire Straits. Whilst not the coolest band in the World, they could play the guitar on telly whilst getting small chickens for nothing, or something?. Loving the simple but effective lines of the axe and its amp. Its just like the artist is just offstage, waiting for the call to play. As part of an Iron Builder round, the seed part is the paint roller, this just rocks! Oh and Rod is a fellow blogger, over at The Brothers Brick. See what I did there!

Let's ROCK!