The Personal Stereo That Rocked The World

I consider myself lucky that my lifespan happened to be sliced out of history where it is. I’ve seen so many things: The transition of film to digital, the rise of the personal computer, the connecting of the world through the internet, four different television formats and so much more. I was just discovering music when bands like Run-DMC, Van Halen, Micheal Jackson, Beastie Boys, The B-52’s and so many more were at peak popularity. And I was there for this, the Sony Walkman (and it’s many, many copycats). These days everyone in the world has every song ever recorded at their fingertips whenever they want, so it’s really hard to imagine how this simple device rocked our world. We could take our music with us, wherever we went, and blast it without disturbing others, it was awesome. Thank you Ralf Langer for a little bit of nostalgia.

The Fly

In my youth I wanted to be a make-up artist, or at least a creature effects artist. And the timing for this was actually pretty good. While I was in high school and honing my craft, there was a boom in make-up effects (seriously, look up the movies from 1982-1986, it was a golden age) and this film came out the same year I graduated. Builder captainsmog brilliantly recreates the moment the Brundlefly emerges from the unit, shocking.

The Stranglers

I’m afraid that latest band featured by builder redfern1950s2 didn’t get much airplay here in the US, and back then before global connectivity if they didn’t play you on the radio, you didn’t exist. The only song from The Stranglers I’m aware of is No More Heroes, but being a kid of the 70’s and 80’s I’m guessing they’ll have some more offering that will be in my wheelhouse. Time to do some catching up.

Rock The Casbah

I went to high school in the 80’s. So things like the rise of MTV, Micheal Jackson, Madonna and Duran Duran are irretrievably interwoven with those most formative years, and I consider myself lucky. I was never much into pop music, but bands like Madness, Kraftwerk, Beastie Boys and Devo were on constant rotation in my Walkman. Another band was The Clash, brilliantly created here with their breakout hit Rock The Casbah by builder redfern1950s2. Their counterculture and social commentary lyrics resonated with my generation, and I still listen to them today.

Nerdvember Prizes From LEGO!

I was going to wait until the one week mark to post this, but I'm so excited I can't. Check out the prizes from LEGO! This year's theme is "80's" and to celebrate we're giving away three sets from iconic 80's movies, namely Ghostbusters, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. First place is going to get a Ghostbusters HQ, Second place is going to get a Snowspeeder and Third place is going to get a Speederbike! Thank you to LEGO for sponsoring Nerdvember! Check out this post for more details and get building!