Movie Stunt

I don’t know how I missed this incredible action shot from Pixeljunkie months ago, but it’s never too late. I know I work on movies and should be all jaded by now, but my love of all things film runs deep, and shots like this make my heart go pitter patter. I will say that crew is in significant danger and the stunt coordinator is going to get a little visit by the studio and the union though.

"They Have A Tank"

While the original Raiders of the Lost Ark remains my favorite, Last Crusade is a close second. The dynamics of Dr. Henry Jones junior and senior makes for fun scenes, and the action in the movie is top notch. Of course the tank battle is a highlight, and this recreation of the iconic scene by JBIronWorks is spectacular. Not only that, but there's an awesome behind the scenes story in his description as well, click through for an interesting read.

Rock vs Cannon

"I'll Never Join You!"

Hopefully your browser and screen is just the right size that the bottom of this picture by storm TK431 is cut off, because it's a really fun reveal (yeah, those are guys holding mattresses). I don't know about you, but I've always been absolutely captivated by behind the scenes photos. Even though I've worked on dozens of movies, I still get a thrill stepping on set and seeing the sausage being made, it's just how I'm wired. This classic scene from ESB doesn't look quite so perilous huh?

The Teeniest, Tiniest, Cutest ED-209 You Ever Did See

Yes, ED-209 was a bit of a failure, he had a 'glitch' or two (tell that to Kenny). But if he hadn't had his initial issues the Robocop program wouldn't have moved forward, and Clarence Boddicker would probably have a stronghold on Old Detroit right now...I digress.

Sure he's a mindless killing machine, sure he didn't work (who cares, spare parts for 20 years1) but you cannot dispute the absolute squee value of this adorable ED-209 from Grantmasters. I just want to hug it.

Smaller Still

Jurassic Park III

You just have to wonder about theme park operators and giant, dangerous, prehistoric beasts. Haven't those guys seen those other two movies? Anyway, feast your eyes on this truly epic MOC by markus19840420, it's part of a collaboration with Disco86 and absolutely jaw dropping. Normally I would wait until everything was posted and then feature, but I was so blown away by this I had to share. Stay tuned for the whole collaboration coming soon.