RoboCop Highway Chase Playset

RoboCop is an all-time favorite movie of mine, so this playset by Grantmasters instantly had my attention. Of course the movie is a hard "R", so an official set like this is never going to happen, but it sure would be awesome. Check out the video to see the play features, and to see if Bobby can fly. By the way, a RoboCop Nerdly would be perfect for Nerdvember, just sayin'.

Robocop Highway Chase Playset
Robocop Van Features

Please Put Down Your Weapon, You Have Twenty Second To Comply...

A couple days ago builder Grantmasters posted his brilliant little minifig scale ED-209, the much revered (if ultimately flawed) enforcement droid from RoboCop, to the collective mindblow of the AFOL community. Now builder Sparkart has 'modernized' the design and shared the LDD model with everyone. We can all have an enforcement droid guarding our bricks!

ED-209 4 U

OCP Headquarters (Pre Visual Effects)

Welcome to OCP Headquarters, or should I say Dallas City Hall? Yes, that towering symbol of corporate greed is actually a government building, and not even in Detroit. That's the magic of visual effects. And while I'm sure plenty of Dallasites went "heyyyy..." when they saw RoboCop, but the rest of us were just thinking "cool building". Just like you LEGO fans might be looking at this MOC by Grantmasters and thinking "where's the top of the building?"

OCP Headquarters

"Dead Or Alive, You're Coming With Me"

Not only am I so ancient that I saw RoboCop in the theater, I was lucky enough to catch a preview screening (and I hadn't even heard of it, ah the days before internet). Needless to say we were blown away by the Verhoeven classic. This MOC by paddybricksplitter is faithful to Rob Bottin's design, but adds an almost chibi charm to him. Great pose-ability too, makes you just want to grab him like an action figure.

Lego Robocop