SHIPtember 2016

No, that's not the wrong date, these are the 80 entries from last year compiled into a gigantic poster by Brixnspace. And while it's pretty nifty here, you need click through to see it in high resolution to really appreciate all the SHIPs. And if that's not enough you can download the ultra high-res file (seriously, it's 14400x8400), which can be printed at full poster size.

SHIPtember 2016 Poster

Coming Soon To A Galaxy Near You

The force is strong with Flickr this morning, due in part to the ImperiumderSteine MOC Olympics., and that make my nerd heart happy. This absolutely brilliant poster from episode IV by builder Gamabomb takes me back to my childhood, where I spent all of the summer of 1978 watching Star Wars practically every day, many times twice a day. And every trip to the theater started with a brief pause to admire this poster hanging outside.

Star Wars Poster 1977

The Thing

So what's the deal? Why am I showing the poster to John Carpenter's The Thing? Look again, it's BRICK! This seriously phenomenal build is for the MOCathalon over at MOCpages by builder matt rowntRee. This is one of my all-time favorite thrillers, and to see it like this gives me a happy. Click through to see how this amazing and pretty huge MOC was done.

Big thanks to elbarto for the head's up

Who You Gonna Call?

One of my favorite movies of all time and one of my favorite posters of all time build out of my favorite toy of all time, that's a trifecta of awesome! Builder Lucifer Adams brings us this brilliant poster MOC built in wonderful relief. There's many things to love about this, but my favorite has got to be the lettering and mini ghost in the title, genius.

LEGO Ghostbusters Movie Poster Front View
LEGO Ghostbusters Movie Poster Close Up (2)

Ace Granger Space Ranger

There's so much about this I love I'm having trouble keeping my composure. Actually, who's going to care, the puppies? (does little happy dance, no one knows). This is an excellent little bit of Photoshop and photography. It hits the mark for total retro look, right down to the Brickarms ray gun. There's some great subtle humor in the text too. I want to watch this series right now!

Ace Granger Space Ranger