Builder Alex Jones aka Orion Pax is back and seemingly on a one man crusade to recreate the toys of my (and many other fella's of a certain age) childhood in LEGO form. His latest build is what looks like an almost 1:1 scale recreation of HE-MAN and his best pal and trusty steed BATTLE-CAT stars of the "HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe" cartoon.  Alex has faithfully recreated the furry pant wearing hero of the 80's - The recent release of the Batman - Clayface playset making the tanned complexion of HE-MAN possible. The detail on Battle Cats armoured mask in particular makes it almost indistinguishable from the rigid plastic version many of us owned way back then. Although I'm personally not a fan of sculpting, he's done a fantastic job of recreating HE-MAN's face using a Buzz Lightyear head as a base.

As a kid I loved Tuesday afternoons at 4 o'clock for my taste of Eternian action with a dose of morality at the end for good measure. I hope Alex gets round to giving Skeletor and Panthor the same treatment soon!

By The Power Of Greyskull!

Builder LegoJalex has created just about the cutest series of MOTU ever. Using a minimal amount of bricks he has built just about every character in the series. I personally came along a bit too early to appreciate He-Man and the gang, I was too distracted by girls and filmmaking, but I know there's a whole generation out there that is gonna eat this up.

Masters of The Universe - Brickbuild figures

Thanks for the head's up Vince

Kneel Before Your Master!

He-Man arrived on the scene just a tad too late for me. When the series premiered I was just about to go into high school (oh gawd, I'm so old). And the movie never happened, got it? It just never happened, move on, nothing to see here. But I don't care if I ever watched it or not, this is a badass rendition of Skeletor. Powerpig strikes again.

You Blundering Fool!