Yabba Dabba Doo!

It’s been well established just how old I am, so it should come as no surprise that we watched The Flintstones as kids. Not that it’s that big of a deal, but I mean we managed to watch it back in the days when there was no home video, no internet and only three friggin’ channels. With that kind of narrow distribution it’s amazing any cartoons were available at all, and that’s what made Saturday morning so great, it was ALL about cartoons and kids programming. And The Flintstones was great because it was written for an adult audience, modeled after The Honeymooners, and kids aren’t dumb, so we ate it up. So it’s with great fondness I present to you builder SuckMyBrick’s latest creation, the star of the Flintstones, Fred.

I’ve Seen This One it Doesn’t Turn Out Well for the Coyote

The Road Runner and Coyote, two of the classic cartoon foils. Chris Goddard has succeeded where Wile E. never did, by capturing the Road Runner in brick form. Also Wile E Coyote, and a back drop straight out of a classic Merry Melodies short. The classic elements are there: the Road Runner about to set off something the Coyote attempted earlier and failed, the Coyote’s later over complicated attempted to snag the Road Runner, a fantastic American Southwest backdrop, and the Road Runner’s knowing look to the audience just before the Coyote, with his bulging eyes gets his comeuppance. The only thing missing is the painted tunnel that turns into a real tunnel later, but that would likely crowd the scene.

Yabba Dabba Do!

Micro builds like this make me so happy. With just a handful of parts builder Everblack not only built an instantly recognizable scene, he transported me to any given Saturday morning of my childhood. Yes the Flintstones was originally created as a primetime show, with a decidedly adult audience in mind (it’s modeled after the Honeymooners after all) but when it’s good storytelling done with tongue firmly inserted in cheek, kids will watch too. And boy did we.


Eats Yer Spinach

Growing up in the 70's meant Saturday morning was king. When you only have 3-4 channels, there was pretty much never anything for kids on, until Saturday morning. From 5am to about 11am it was nothing but kid's stuff, and we were glued to the TV. Classic WB toons, Tom & Jerry, HR Pufnstuf, Land of the Lost, we couldn't get enough of it. Then the Saturday film festival would come on (please be Godzilla, please be Godzilla...) but before the movie it was usually Popeye cartoons. So when I see this brilliant character build of everyone's favorite spinach eating sailor, I'm 8 years old, wearing my Planet of the Apes pajamas and polishing off a box of frosted flakes. Thanks for a dose of nostalgia lummerlander.

Popeye the Sailor

Man I'm Pretty

Way back when Cartoon Network was pretty much on all the time at my house. Luckily for me and my wife back then the content was pretty good. The likes of Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack kept us as entertained as our young boys. But one of my favorites was Johnny Bravo. The writing, editing and pacing of that show worked so well. This character build by Cha Mi captures his swagger in perfect style.

Johnny Bravo