Eats Yer Spinach

Growing up in the 70's meant Saturday morning was king. When you only have 3-4 channels, there was pretty much never anything for kids on, until Saturday morning. From 5am to about 11am it was nothing but kid's stuff, and we were glued to the TV. Classic WB toons, Tom & Jerry, HR Pufnstuf, Land of the Lost, we couldn't get enough of it. Then the Saturday film festival would come on (please be Godzilla, please be Godzilla...) but before the movie it was usually Popeye cartoons. So when I see this brilliant character build of everyone's favorite spinach eating sailor, I'm 8 years old, wearing my Planet of the Apes pajamas and polishing off a box of frosted flakes. Thanks for a dose of nostalgia lummerlander.

Popeye the Sailor