I’ve Seen This One it Doesn’t Turn Out Well for the Coyote

The Road Runner and Coyote, two of the classic cartoon foils. Chris Goddard has succeeded where Wile E. never did, by capturing the Road Runner in brick form. Also Wile E Coyote, and a back drop straight out of a classic Merry Melodies short. The classic elements are there: the Road Runner about to set off something the Coyote attempted earlier and failed, the Coyote’s later over complicated attempted to snag the Road Runner, a fantastic American Southwest backdrop, and the Road Runner’s knowing look to the audience just before the Coyote, with his bulging eyes gets his comeuppance. The only thing missing is the painted tunnel that turns into a real tunnel later, but that would likely crowd the scene.

Meep Meep!

Saturday mornings were awesome when I was a kid. For some reason we were able to wake up early with no ill effects (unlike school days) and it was strait to the TV with a bowl of Cheerios to watch Land of the Lost, Speed Racer and classic Warner Bros Cartoons. One of my favorites was always Road Runner, not for the the stupid bird, but for the cunning but misfortunate Wile E. Coyote. This MOC by matt rowntRee sums it all up in one visual image, nicely played.

Many thanks to The Living Brick for the head's up