LEGO Munchkin

I've only played Munchkin once, but I enjoyed it. And like all boardgames, it's only as much fun as the people you're playing with. Well, I'm proud to say that the one time I played and learned the game it was from the builder of this mind-blowing LEGO version, Guy Himber. Me and Guy go way back, like...way way back, to my early creature effects days circa 1988, and it's always fun to spend time with him. Someday I hope to play Munchkin again, with Guy, on this very board.

Munchkin LEGO Gameboard version 2 by Guy Himber

Pretty Sneaky Sis

I know I played Connect Four as a kid, but I don't remember owning it, so it must have been at a friends house. I vividly remember the commercial though, and that kid's tragic haircut. Builder jtheels is on a roll with these brilliant little doses of nostalgia. Makes me want to break out my plaid pants and play with GiJoe while eating a peanut butter and relish sandwich (the 70's weren't pretty)

LEGO Connect Four

Treasure Collecting, Backstabbin' Fun

I had the great pleasure of learning to play Munchkin for the very first time with Guy Himber last October. Guy is the man behind Crazy Bricks, which ran a successful Kickstarter to create custom Munchkin parts for Minifigures (as well as a slew of other way fun custom parts). Well, now Guy has brought the entire game to life with a custom brick-built game board. 

Munchkin Game board made from LEGO

Ready, Set, GO

I've never played go, but I've seen it played, and this brick-built version by joeseidon not only looks perfect, but it's totally playable. And unlike the cheap pressboard versions I see from time to time, this really makes me want to play! I dig the totally clean construction and the use of the X-pod containers is perfect. I can see this occupying a small gaming table for years to come.

9x9 Go Board