You need only walk through the door of BrickNerd Studios to see we’re fans of IKEA. Just about 100% of the furnishings here are IKEA, from the tables we build on, the desk I blog from (and write, edit, composite, illustrate, design….) to the “stages” we shoot animation on (ok, they’re tables, but they’re IKEA tables) it’s all IKEA. Initially when the studio was set up it was going to be temporary to shoot the animation for The LEGO Brickumentary, but I loved having a studio so much I decided to keep it. So it is with great fondness I present this tiny tribute to the giant store by builder cubo31, it’s ÄDÖRBS.


I probably got that name wrong, but according to the IKEA Dictionary that's a Finnish word for ship. And just like pretty much every IKEA I've ever been too, this SHIP by builder LEGOLIZE IT MAN is massive. This intergalactic forklift is a wonder to behold, it's a cargo pusher, and from the size of those engine, I'm guessing this thing could push a boatload of semi-disposable Swedish furniture. (fun fact: BrickNerd Studios is 95% furnished with IKEA stuff, we love it)

Olyckan 2