BrickCon Is Nigh - It's Madness!

I'm scrambling to make all the last minute preparations before heading off to Seattle for BrickCon 2016. Me and my PIC Iain Heath are ready for some serious Bricks of Character action this year, and very happy to be celebrating the awesome theme, Madness!

Madness has always been a favorite band of ours, so we're going "skall-out" to celebrate. I finally finished my MOC yesterday and can't wait to see it on the BOC table with all the rest of the awesome MOCs you all bring.

Madness: One Step Beyond

And here's the trophies we're going to be handing out, minus their engraved brick, those will be added at the last minute. 

BrickCon 2016 Madness Trophies

I can't wait to see all my friends and make some new ones. If you're going to be at the con or visiting during the public days track me down to say "hi" and get some BrickNerd swag. See you all there!

Hey You! Don't Watch That, Watch This!

Fun fact, I'm so old I remember when MTV was a new thing, a revolutionary thing. It was 1981 and we were around the corner at a friend's house, he turned it on, and blew our tiny minds. I remember trying to explain it to my parents with the words "it's kinda like watching the radio". I also remember one of the first videos I ever saw was Madness' One Step Beyond, I was an instant fan. That was a very long time ago, but this MOC by umamen brought all that flooding back. I think I'll be listening to some ska today.

LEGO: Madness "One Step Beyond"