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Long about 10 years ago I attended by first LEGO convention, BrickCon. It was there I made my first AFOL friend, Iain Heath, and we’ve been buddies ever since. During that con we decided our MOCs didn’t really belong anywhere, so we commandeered a section of unused tables in the back and set up our character based pieces. It was a hit with the public and we decided it should be a thing every year, and a new category was born, Bricks of Character. We’ve both been evangelists of pop culture and character builds ever since ( you may have noticed just a few on this very website)

Well fast forward 10 years and Iain is taking his builds to the next level, and sharing the character building and pop culture experience with everyone with the release of a select few of his brilliant creations marketed under the Bricks of Character brand. Who does’t want a porg on their desk? Or a poop emoji? Well you can have the first three (and more to come!) from Amazon, get yours today!

Bricks of Character Kiss Emoji
Bricks of Character
Bricks of Character PORG
Bricks of Character
Bricks of Character Poop Emoji
Bricks of Character

BrickCon Was Awesome

It's Monday morning after BrickCon, I'm still in denial that it's over. There's always a little sadness that follows the closing ceremonies, as we all breakdown the MOCs and strip the tablecloths off. It takes over two days to set it up, and it's gone is just a few minutes. The reality sets in that it's over, at least for another year. The time spent with old friends and making new ones is really what it's all about for me. I mean the MOCs are great of course, but it's the people that bring them, the ones you chat with, dine with, party with, that are really what makes a con what it is. So many laughs, so many hand shakes, so many hugs, it's been great to be back.

The Bricks of Characters display was outstanding as usual, with a diverse array of everything you could imagine. From humorous to scary, from big to small and from clean to downright filthy (I'm looking at you Angus). With a "head count" of approximately 232 characters, it was pretty epic. I'd like to thank everyone for contributing to our little corner of insanity, you all rock.

Of course none of it would be possible without the biggest character of all, Iain Heath. He and I enjoyed taking our interpretation of the event's theme "Madness" to the next level, even going full ska for our outfits on Saturday. Since I couldn't be here last year, at least not in all three dimensions, it had been two years since we'd seen each other in person, it's been awesome to be reunited with my good friend.

I'm also happy to report that my MOC of the band took the award "One Step Beyond" (how appropriate) at the awards ceremony (big thanks to the Beyond the Brick guys for agreeing to be our judges). So now it's time to recover, and thankfully I'm staying in the area a few more days to see what other mischief me and Iain can get into. But first, time to rest. Thanks to everyone I encountered over the last four days for making BrickCon super special, you're what makes it great.


Iain Heath: The Unauthorized Biography

Iain Heath: The Unauthorized Biography

You may know him as Ochre Jelly, possibly as "stud muffin" but do you really know Iain Heath? We've collected information from home and abroad, interviewed numerous "sources" and drank a full six pack and got real psychic and have gathered all of those resources here. Finally, the little known origin story of this not-so-super hero can be told. So put on the kettle, warm up a crumpet and settle in for all the lurid details of the enigmatic and controversial artist, Iain Heath.

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Breaking News: Iain Heath's True Form Revealed!

Dateline: Seattle Washington

In a move that stunned the AFOL community, builder and pony proponent Iain Heath revealed his true form today. While most community members know Iain as a lanky bespectacled individual with a funny accent, he is in fact a small puddle of goo. Normally a dungeon dweller, Iain has gone to great lengths to disguise his appearance, even taking up residence in a lake side dwelling. "He had me fooled, but I had my suspicions when he tried to murder me that one time" said notable AFOL Guy Himber. Authorities have been notified of this strange occurrence, but as of this writing have taken no action. "It turns out being a small puddle of goo isn't illegal" said officer Harry Snapperorgans of the Seattle police department. "But we're keeping an eye on him just in case". When interviewed Iain could only emit strange squishy noises, but at an earlier date he mentioned an interest in a contest on Flickr. It has been suggested that this is the motivation for his reveal.

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