Breaking News: Iain Heath's True Form Revealed!

Dateline: Seattle Washington

In a move that stunned the AFOL community, builder and pony proponent Iain Heath revealed his true form today. While most community members know Iain as a lanky bespectacled individual with a funny accent, he is in fact a small puddle of goo. Normally a dungeon dweller, Iain has gone to great lengths to disguise his appearance, even taking up residence in a lake side dwelling. "He had me fooled, but I had my suspicions when he tried to murder me that one time" said notable AFOL Guy Himber. Authorities have been notified of this strange occurrence, but as of this writing have taken no action. "It turns out being a small puddle of goo isn't illegal" said officer Harry Snapperorgans of the Seattle police department. "But we're keeping an eye on him just in case". When interviewed Iain could only emit strange squishy noises, but at an earlier date he mentioned an interest in a contest on Flickr. It has been suggested that this is the motivation for his reveal.

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