Nerdvember Winners!

Well, it was a Nerdtastic month, and there were many, many amazing entries, but there can be only three winners. Congratulations to Ochre Jelly, customBRICKS and Yatkuu on winning Nerdvember 2014. I'd like to extend special thanks to the judges, this was not an easy task. And a huge thanks to everyone who entered, your creativity never ceases to amaze me. There were 77 Nerdlys entered this year, all I can say is wow! 

And yes, before you ask, customBRICKS is a sponsor of the contest, but that did not mean disqualification (and no, they won't be getting their items in their prize package). 

First place: Nudely - Ochre Jelly

Nudely, aka "Botticelli's Birth of Nerdus"

Second Place: What's Inside - customBRICKS

What's Inside?

Third Place: Spider-Nerdly - Yatkuu


Honorable Mentions

The entries below received many votes as well, and deserve featuring.

NerdVember : Lol
Bad Ass Nerdly!
In the Nerd future there is only war.
Nerdly Burger
Nerdly Cell
Nerdly Tardis Just Spining In Space, As You Do When Your A Tardis In Space.