Things Are Looking.... UP!

Jonas Kramm has built this wonderful little MOC of Carl Fredricksens flying house from the 2009 PIXAR movie UP! Jonas explains he has a very limited amount of the right colored LEGO bricks so this was his solution - to build at a smaller scale. There's a lot to admire here, the vibrant use of colors, the snot work, the wonderful lattice work on the porch and those cleverly mounted window frames. Another classic from Jonas, it certainly lifted my spirits UP!


Luxo Jr

Admittedly it's been a while since I've last seen this lamp in action (Toy Story 3 might've been it).  But who can deny that the sound effects, the rhythm, and the actions of this little lamp hasn't been burned into our memory?  

The lamp, or Luxo Jr., is cleverly recreated by Flickr user yu chris out of a combination of LEGO System and Technic parts.  I could be wrong, but it really does look functional and bendy.  You stomp that letter I till it's gone! 


Simply Maleficent!

The first things to really strike me about Johnnie Tee's representation of this scene from Maleficent, were the stained glass and floor tiling. They are so precise and authentic. Johnnie Tee explains that he was looking to create "gothic chic luxury befitting a young princess" and I think he's got this spot on! The details on the bed such as the feet and whips, along with the golden furnishings, create a sense of elegance. Aurora can be seen smiling and holding Maleficent's hand in this LEGO moc of the the 'True Love's Kiss' scene.

Disney CMF # 2: Maleficent - 'True Love's Kiss' Scene

Pure Genie-us

LEGO 7 has granted a wish for the Genie and upgraded his "itty bitty living space"! This is the perfect moc for the LEGO Disney minifigures of Aladdin and the Genie in my opinion - and they're off with Jasmine to find a whole new world. The magic carpet is along for the ride too and is really brought to life with the interlocking pieces to create a sense of movement. Don't be fooled by it's commonplace appearance, for things aren't always as they seem.....

Aladdin's lamp-3
Aladdin's lamp-5