Review: LEGO XTRA Sea Accessories


LEGO recently launched the XTRA line, set of polybags catered more to places and accessories than specific themes. It’s a great way to add life and detail to a larger MOC or just stock up on otherwise harder to find parts. There’s sets with plants, traffic lights, bikes and more. LEGO was kind enough to send us the Sea Accessories set to share with you so let’s dig in shall we?

In the standard size polybag you’ll find:

1 Shark
1 Treasure chest
1 Barrel
1 Surfboard
1 2x2 cone
1 2x2 boat tile
1 Oar
1 Sea shell (scallop)
1 Blue parrot
1 Fish
1 Treasure map
1 Binoculars
2 3L Bars
2 Spears
3 Flippers
3 Gems
2 Lightsaber hilts
2 1x1 Stars
2 White pips
2 Trans red pips


Presented in list form this seems pretty long, but it’s literally a handful of parts, 24 officially, 29 in practice. And if you do the classic price per part it’s going to run a whopping 16¢ a part. But, considering that the shark and parrot alone will cost the MSRP of $3.99 on Bricklink, it’s not a bad bunch of parts for the money.


I just like the fact that this series of polybags is catered to putting curated selections of parts that go together in the hands of builders, saving a lot of heartache and money (not to mention time on Bricklink and waiting for orders to ship). And there’s just enough rarer parts to make them really desirable. About my only complaint of this particular set is it seems really pirate theme slanted, in which case the buoy and surfboard seem out of place. I think it could use some more contemporary nautical parts perhaps to make it more “sea”, or ditch the other parts and go full pirate. I give it 4-5 Nerdlys.


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