San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Wrap-Up


Well, I survived. It was exhausting, exhilarating, fascinating and perspiring but I survived. This was only my second Comic-Con ever, and last year I only stayed one day, so it was pretty epic. Here's a quick wrap-up of my adventures at SDCC.

It all started with a visit to the LEGO booth, where me and BrickJournal's Joe Meno toured the booth and built some mosaics. He built the logo for BrickJournal, I built a Nerdly. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that mine was stollen in less than 5 minutes.

LEGO unveiled several sets at SDCC, one every day in fact. Coming soon are two new Minecraft sets, Star Wars AT-AP, Riddler's Chase, a pair of vehicles from The LEGO Movie, The Hobbit Lake Town Chase and something called Mixels. 


In addition, they sold two exclusive sets, a Star Wars Mini Stealth Starfighter and Hobbit mini Bag End. And as if that wasn't enough, they gave away Minifigures every day, sold the Back To The Future set and the new Master Builder Academy set which came with a free poster. They probably did more as well, but I just couldn't keep up with it all. I went in the with assumption that I wouldn't score any giveaways, I must me psychic.


On Saturday morning I nerded out at the Wacom booth and met Matt Inman of The Oatmeal. I was so excited to learn he was going to be there I spent the afternoon of the previous Tuesday building a MOC for him to sign. I was pleased to find he was doing request drawings but a bit dismayed to hear he wouldn't be signing until 5:00 (and I had to speak at 5:00). I decided I would just give him my MOC, he liked it very much and did a drawing for me. He even posted the MOC on Facebook later that day.


On Saturday afternoon I had the surreal experience of speaking on a Comic-Con panel, BrickJournal: LEGO as an Art Form. I arrived at the room a bit early (I was determined not to be late) and saw a huge line of people standing outside. I figured they were running behind and this was for the previous panel on gaming. But I asked some people in line and was shocked to learn they were there for us. Before we started the line had doubled back on itself and when we finally sat down it was in front of a capacity crowd, quite surprising. Me, Brandon Griffith, Nathan Sawaya and Joe Meno shared stories about how we build.


Four days of Comic-Con is rough on the feet, the back, the disposition and the constitution, but it sure is a lot of fun. I look forward to next year.

Check out our upcoming video for more SDCC Fun, coming soon!