And The Winners Are...


First off, let me say that I'm absolutely blown away by the response to this contest. I never dreamed there would be so many entries, and I certainly didn't expect the quality to be so totally awesome. I am humbled and honored to have inspired so much quality building, you're all amazing.

But there can be only three winners (at least by my totally arbitrarily set rules) so here they are...

1st Place - Lego Junkie

Nerdly might be a strong personality, but he's also plastic. So careful where you point that magnifying glass.  

2nd Place - Ochre Jelly

There have been many rumors of the origins of Nerdly, this is just one. I'm not confirming or denying this, but I will caution against wounding him, just in case he has acid blood. 

3rd Place - customBRICKS

If at first you think you see Nerdly, don't be surprised if he transforms. He is in disguise. 

Thank you all for entering, you made the judging VERY difficult with so many amazing MOCs. Speaking of judging, I'd like to thank everyone who helped judge the contest, I know how hard it was. Winners, your prizes will be in the mail soon, just as soon as I'm back from BrickCon.