BrickNerd Pledge Drive 2014

San Diego Comic Con is upon is, BrickCon is right around the corner, contests are planned and episodes of BrickNerd are backing up. The coffers are quite dry but we have all this cool stuff laying around the studio. So what can we do to rectify this? Pledge drive!

Let's be quite clear, this isn't a raffle or a purchase, this is you supporting BrickNerd, and us surprising several of you with tokens of our appreciation like we've done in the past. It will be fairly random, but I can say it's quite likely the greater the support, the better the odds and the perk. 

Among the things in our box of mutual love is badge bricks, stickers, books, poly bags and various sized sets including The LEGO House and some Exo Suit thingy you've probably never heard of. There's also several screen-used MOCs from the animation done for Beyond The Brick: A LEGO Brickumentary. Yes, you can own a piece of cinema history.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is of course no end date to when we'll happily accept donations, but we'll be surprising supporters immediately and until the end of July. We'll probably give away some really cool stuff on the next LiveBuild so be sure to tune in for that! Use the button below to make a donation and best of luck!

Thanks for all your support, we love you!

UPDATE: Joe Meno has just added a one year subscription to BrickJournal to the box of love, thanks Joe!