BrickNerd Pledge Drive 2015!

SHIPtember is here, Nerdvember is right around the corner, and BrickCon is before that, LiveBuilds are planned and we've got a ton of animation to finish for Art of the Brick: DC Comics. The coffers are their usual state of empty but once again we have all this cool stuff laying around the studio. It worked pretty well last year so lets do it again, it's time for a pledge drive!

Let's be quite clear, like last year this isn't a raffle or a purchase, this is you supporting all the things we do here at BrickNerd, and us surprising several of you with tokens of our appreciation like we've done in the past. It will be fairly random, but I can say there is a system and the greater the support, the better the odds and the perk. 

Among the things in our big box of love is badge bricks, stickers, BrickNerd glasses, BrickNerd Studios shirts, books, poly bags, Nerdlettes, frames from the original BrickNerd set and various small LEGO sets. I'm also giving away the Batmobile from Batman vs Superman! As well as other props and models from various BrickNerd Studios animation projects.

And if this all goes really well, maybe just maybe I'll get to go to BrickCon after all (fingers crossed).


As always we love our readers, viewers and supporters, you all make this worth the ton of work it is. Click here to donate and good luck! Or visit