First Post

I'm very happy to be adding my first official post to BrickNerd. This site represents a new beginning for me, a chance to start anew. For over two decades I have worked in the motion picture industry as a visual effects artist, but that aspect of my life and career is going on the back burner. All those years pale in comparison with the number of years I've been captivated with LEGO. As a child I played, as a teen I collected, as an adult I build. The bricks to me represent an art medium and challenge.

BrickNerd is the place I can share my passion, and hopefully entertain you. It's also a work in progress, and will continually evolve. I want it to be the best LEGO fan site on the internet, and I'd love to hear your ideas for what you want to see. Send your feedback, good or bad, to

Build on and nerd out!