Review - The LEGO Adventure Book - Volume 3

Megs and Brickbot are back for more building adventures in The LEGO Adventure Book volume 3, the latest of this quirky and fun series from No Starch Press. I'm so happy for my friend and author Megan Rothrock for getting to do what she loves, and when you read one of these books you can sense that love. She brings together a unique combination of top notch builders from around the globe, building instructions for awesome models and fun story telling that appeals to all ages. All presented in a comic-book like narrative featuring caricatures of the builders and a host of other characters. 

The book itself is totally what I've come to expect from No Starch Press, quality production. It's got a hard cover, heavy paper, excellent printing and a good binding. It'll stand up to young hands and looks great on the shelf or the coffee table. Mine was the unfortunate victim of the USPS, who saw fit to doink the top corner, but luckily it's the one that will be at the back of the shelf.

As in all the series, the model and builder diversity is broad. There's everything from a charming house to a nifty robot and a cool airplane to a delicious plate of sushi. So no matter what your building skill level or genre interest I'm sure you'll find something you like in this book.

I was super happy to see my good friend (and collaborator for my inclusion of volume 2 of this series) Pete Reid was back. This time with his finance Yvonne. You may recognize those two from a certain Exo-Suit LEGO Ideas set. Pete brings a little space goodness to the book.

Normally about this point in a review I have the unpleasant task of pointing out some of the ugly truths about a product. I try to be unbiased, forthcoming and objective with all my reviews, even ones featuring friends or even my own work. But I have the distinct pleasure of reporting no complaints with this book, except for maybe the USPS, but that's neither here nor there. Looking through it one last time I would change nothing, it's fantastic.

So let's go over that again: Excellent quality, amazing and diverse models, great writing and humor, unique style, building instructions and no complaints. Sounds like a winner to me. I give it 5 out of 5 Nerdlys.


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