The LEGO Adventure Book Volume 2

The veil of secrecy has been lifted and I can finally share this news: I'm in the next LEGO Adventure Book!!! As you can tell I'm very excited about this book, and very proud to be a featured builder in it. Megan Rothrock contacted me late last year to ask if I would be involved and I jumped at the chance. Well here it is, nearly a year later and the release is upon us. If you haven't seen The LEGO Adventure Book volume 1 you're missing out. It's not your usual dry affair of "here's a model, here's how you build it", each chapter tells a story, as Megs goes on her adventures and meets builders. My chapter tells the story of Megs' visit to the set of Star Clutch, an exciting science fiction film. 

It was many weeks of work, but it was all worth it. I'm very happy with how my chapter turned out. And mine is only one of many chapters, dedicated to all sorts of different categories and genres. There's everything from trucks to castles and from spaceships to aircraft. And just look at the list of featured builders, how the heck did I get lumped in with them? There's some serious talent in this book!

Just for fun when I was all done I whipped up a movie poster for the imaginary film my crew was working on. My featured model is the Galaxy Adventurer, a micro neo classic space version of the venerable classic Galaxy Explorer, strongly inspired by Pete Reid's amazing NCS version of the ship. It even has the doors that open up in the back. it's been so hard to keep it all a secret, I just wanted to scream "look what I built! And it's gonna be in the next Adventure Book!!!"

As you can see, each contributor brings a bit of his or her own style to each chapter, keeping them fresh and exciting.  And there's something in this book for everyone, young and old, experienced and new. No matter what you're into, you'll find something to build.

LEGO Adv Bk_2_Marco den Besten.jpg

Many thanks to Megan and No Starch Press for bringing me along for the ride. LAB2 is available for pre order now from Amazon. It will out very soon. You can also still get book 1 if you don't have it yet.