Time To Take Nerdly To The Next Level!


As you all know I'm going to be at BrickMagic 2015 in Charlotte North Carolina next month and I thought we'd have some fun with my favorite bespectacled mascot. So let's have a little contest shall we? I'd like to challenge you to take Nerdly to the next level. What's that mean? That means adding lights, or motion, or insane transforming capability, or building style, or anything you want as long as it's totally wild. Post your pictures to the official Flickr group and if you're coming to BrickMagic put them on display. You can start with official instructions, or go freestyle, it's up to you. There will be prize packages for three winners including an exclusive plush Nerdly! This super squishy and adorable Nerdly is one of only three in the world, hand crafted by Flat Bonnie! So break out the bricks, fire up your imagination and get building, I'll see you at Brick Magic!