Dirty Job

No one likes to clean up poo but someone has to do it.  Dung Beetles are actually quite fascinating little creatures, despite being scatophages (dung eaters) and also dung dwellers.  The Scarab well know from Egyptian mythology is a dung beetle.  The nocturnal North African Scarabaeus satyrus species of dung beetle is the only non human animal that uses the Milky Way to celestially navigate.  Takamichi Irie captures the likeness of nature's janitor at work rolling an excellently modeled ball of dung.  The tennis rackets for the flies wings are excellent parts usage as is the photography of with the reflection on the beetles carapace and the fly just out of focus.   The beetle itself is well executed as well, capturing the shape, and the details of the spiky nature of the dung beetle's legs.


Dung Beetle