New Feature On BrickNerd - Ask A Sloth!

Oooh howdy-do my normally paced friends!

It's been far too long that we haven't had a small woodland creature answering questions here on BrickNerd so we're announcing a new feature, Ask a Sloth! Just write in, stop us on the street or carve your question into a plank of wood and ship it to us and we'll get it answered lickity split. First a little about me...

I'm a sloth.

Enough about me let's answer those burning questions out there!!!

I like Megabloks, how come you never cover Megabloks?

Really? You have to ask that question? Back to the back of the!

Is it true you guys and the Brothers Bricks guys once got in a street fight?

Pursuant to the terms of the settlement I cannot comment on that, but I do have a really cool scar (chicks dig scars right?)

Are you really a sloth? I thought sloths were slow moving, dim witted animals with...oh yeah, I see it now.

That's not a question.

Can I have a badge brick?

Sure, come to BrickMagic next month, we'll have a bunch.

Is it true Tommy works on movies?

Yes, why is that so hard to believe? Perhaps if you knew he worked on The Barney Movie and The Boneyard it's a little easier? Did you know he played the clouds in Cabin Boy? (true story)

This is stupid

That's not a question either, what's with you people?

I heard Nerdly was once an FBI field agent, is that true?

Nerdly likes to exaggerate, he was once a paper weight in an office that had an FBI visitor once...once.

It's been three months since the last episode on YouTube, what gives? And where's the sequel to Batman vs Superman?

Tommy spent January and February down in Los Angeles working on Fast & Furious 7, and has spent the last month moving to a new studio and building a new set. A new episode is in the works very soon. Principal photography has started on the sequel to BvS, we're working as fast as we can, really!

Can I have a cookie?