One, Two, Threeeeeeee!

This charming little memory MOC gives me mixed feelings I’m afraid, a mix of nostalgia and cringe, so this post is going to serve as a public service message. All parents end up playing this game with their kids, human swing. I can vividly remember the last time I did it, with my youngest son. We were exiting Toys R Us and doing this when suddenly he was much less enthusiastic. By the time we got to the van we could tell something was very wrong. We took him to an urgent care center a few blocks away, where a nice doctor fixed his DISLOCATED ELBOW! Happy to say he made a nearly instant recovery, but you can bet we never played that game again. This is actually a pretty common injury with children, and it’s usually from something like this. Take care all you parents out there.

One, Two, Three, Whee!