Please Give Generously

(Cue Sarah McLachlan music)

What would you do if you were suddenly shrunken to the size of a minifigure? Well that's precisely the main symptom of macroafolitis. I'm Burt Carpetsniff for the national macroafolitis association of America (NMAA) and we want you to be aware of this heartbreaking disease. This is Simon, he's a typical red-blooded boy who loves LEGO and sandwiches. But now he's only two inches tall. Besides a sudden loss in altitude, other symptoms include:

  • Obsessive sorting of small plastic items
  • The use of strange language including the terms MOC and SNOT
  • Inability to walk past toy section at Walmart
  • Compulsive arranging of bricks

Please give generously to this cause, boys like Simon are depending on you.

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