Review - 75166 First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack


We've haven't had much time to review many of the summer 2017 wave of sets. How about we alter that statement by doing a Star Wars battle pack review? Set number 75166 is the First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack. Coming in to your battlefield with 117 pieces, 4 figures, and the new price point of $14.99 in the U.S., this set is another great way to add to your First Order infantry. Let's see what this set has to offer!


This particular battle pack has many smaller pieces, and very few large elements compared to other recent packs. That does not change the fact that the pieces will be very useful for MOC making, considering that few people I know keep battle pack builds together (especially if they are not an actual Star Wars vehicle). We have yet to see if this First Order transporter will appear in Episode VIII: the Last Jedi, so for now I am assuming that it is another made up vehicle on LEGO's part. I could be wrong! This set also appears to be the "mirror" of 75131 Resistance Trooper Battle Pack. The vehicle from that did appear in the Force Awakens, which is why I am hesitant to rule out this First Order vehicle as not being from the film.

The transporter itself only holds two minifigures (and does not really have an option to stick the other two troops on the sides), which is a bit of a disappointment. It appears LEGO sacrificed the additional seating arrangements in favor of the ability to hold the gear for the riot control stormtroopers. The accessories fit nicely onto the model, and actually don't detract from the build too much. If anything the speeder looks better, especially with the new shield elements. The trans-clear small wing pieces work really well for a new style of windscreen, and is my favorite area of the build. The craft's rear engines/thrusters are made out of lightsaber hilts, which doesn't seem to practical from a technology point of view, but hey, whatever works.

Four more First Order minifigures are included with this pack, which technically becomes three different variants.

First Order Officer: It's very nice to see a new officer in dark blue. We've already seen in the recent behind-the-scenes feature on the Last Jedi that Finn will be wearing one of these uniforms at some point in the film. If you already have a Finn figure, this makes it easy to recreate whatever scene that will be. The printing is simplistic, as to be expected from an officer. I personally miss the code cylinders of the Empire, but that's just me. His hat is the same mold we've seen for other officers, including the polybag exclusive First Order General. This hat is exclusive to this set due to its color only. His face also does not appear to be one that is overused, unlike our next face.

First Order Stormtrooper: The two stormtroopers you get here are identical both in the set, and compared to other troopers. Of course, they feature the inaccurate "Angry Clone" face, and I think it's time for us to accept that LEGO will not be changing the production of these any time soon. What does make these troopers unique is the new *printed* shield piece. With a simple bar attachment on the back, this piece no doubt will be useful for many other sci-fi creations. I myself plan to use them very soon.

First Order Flametrooper: The flametrooper is also not exclusive to this set, rather he is the same variant as the others that we have gotten previously. This is, however, the cheapest way to get one as of this date, which is very nice. I'm hoping for a First Order snowtrooper battle pack soon!

The extra pieces of this set were not worth showing, in my opinion. As usual, you get extra studs for the shooters, a bar, lightsaber hilt, clip, tap, etc. Nothing too special. Let's go ahead and wrap up this review!

The build for this set seems to be lacking. It uses very simple parts, and takes no time at all to build. It seems even more simple than usual, come to think of it. I much prefer the battle packs that give you two small builds, which provide more options for play (or display). The only parts that stand out to me are of the course the new shield accessories, and the translucent windscreen pieces. Everything else included in terms of parts doesn't compare to other packs. The minifigs are always the highlight, and that remains true, but even the figures are a little bit on the simple side, minus the officer and shield accessories. I might have preferred if we got a flametrooper, stormtrooper, snowtrooper, and maybe a stormtrooper officer in this pack, which would provide easier ways to broaden your armies. What are your thoughts?

To conclude my review:

Parts included:  2.5/5Build:  2/5Figures:  3/5Overall rating:  Unfortunately, I only give this pack 2 out of 5 Nerdlys. Until next time!


Nathaniel Stoner

     My name is Nathaniel Stoner, and I am an very active LEGO builder.  I mostly build in the themes of castle and science-fiction, but I also dabble in other genres and create occasional random MOC's (My Own Creations). 

     When I was younger, I would get and build small LEGO sets for my birthday, but I was never really into them.  When they fell apart, I would become frustrated attempting to put them back together and would throw them in a box in my closet.  I couldn't stand them!

     Then, miraculously, I became addicted to the LEGO brick later in my teen years.  Ever since, I have continued to build up (pun intended) my collection of bricks and to expand my knowledge of techniques and building skills.  LEGO is truly more than a toy, its an art form and a way to express yourself.

     For the most part, I collect LEGO Star Wars (mainly the minifigs), which is probably my favorite LEGO theme.  I have a fairly decent collection, including some of the original 1999 sets, such as the Snowspeeder, X-Wing, and Naboo starfighter.  I also collected LEGO the Lord of the Rings when those sets first came out.  The minifigs are great, and the story remains one of my favorites ever. 

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