Review - 75170 The Phantom

Today we're looking at a 2017 Star Wars release, the second version of the Phantom seen on Star Wars Rebels.  This set features 3 minifigures (or 2 plus a droid character), 269 pieces, and is priced for $30.00 in the US.


Opening up our new set, we find 3 numbered bags, 1 instruction booklet, and more stickers than you might have expected.  It should be noted that the only printed elements in this set are the figures (duh), a 1x2 control console in the cockpit, and 2 thermal detonators.  Any other detailed element is an applied sticker (bummer).  On the bright side, if you like to collect sticker's a nice one for you!

The build is very solid, using some nice parts to make sure everything flows nicely, but is very secure.  In my book, the building process was very rewarding, resulting with an interesting product.  If you were to drop this model, I guarantee hardly anything would fall apart.


The least exciting aspect of this set is the extra pieces included.  One thing I will say is that it's always great to get more lightsaber hilts. . .

Let's get to the most exciting part (for me) -- the figures!  (Left to right)

- Kanan Jarrus (Blind):  A different version than we've gotten in previous Rebels sets, Kanan is completely updated.  His legs are a new print that suits him well (and is useful for customs), his torso is probably one of my favorite generic Star Wars jackets, and very accurate to his character's latest rendition.  His face has the addtion of his now blind eyes (no spoilers here as to how that happened), complete with the new mold of his mask.  This figure gets a 4.5/5 from me!

- Grand Admiral Thrawn:  Okay, let me just start off by saying that I have hoped for this day to come -- the day we got an official LEGO Grand Admiral Thrawn.  Thrawn has such a rich history in the Expanded Universe of Star Wars, and is one of my absolute favorite characters from those story lines.  When he made his canon appearance on the TV show, I (like so many other nerds) went crazy.  To make things even better, LEGO put him in a medium sized set, making him accessible to so many.  I'm honestly surprised LEGO didn't place him in a bigger set.  Anyway, what can I say about this 'fig?  He's perfect!  The likeness is there, his facial expressions suit his character, and the uniform is pristine.  This is the third white Imperial uniform LEGO has done, which is amazing since they're rare in universe.  Probably the most interesting thing about this figure is the new, dark blue hair.  The only downside I've noticed is that his golden "epaulets" are hard to see, and disappear abruptly.  That's okay, because I plan on adding an official LEGO set in addition for display purposes.  This figure gets a 5/5!

- C1-10P (Chopper):  Chopper is not a new design, so far he has stayed constant since his original release.  For those who don't already own him, Chopper has a shorter design than the typical astromech, by means of his shorter, stubbier legs.  His character on the show is growing on me, and either way he's another great droid to add to any collection.  (Psst, did you spot him in Rogue One?  I did!)  I wish we got more printing on the rear of astromech heads, and on their back.  Until then, this figure gets a 3.5/5.

The features of the actual model are pretty standard:  Removable cockpit, collapsible landing legs, a space for an astromech, spring-loaded shooters, and a small cargo hold in the rear that only holds the crate of thermal detonators. 

To wrap up, here are some of my additional thoughts on the craft:  It's out of proportion.  This shuttle is supposed to represent an old Separatist shuttle from the days of the Clone Wars.  LEGO made a set for one of these shuttles before, which is more accurately scaled.  I believe it's implied that they intentionally squished the shuttle down, because it does in fact connect in with the Ghost set.  Pretty cool!  I think the price might have been a little high, unless they added another figure.  $20-25 would have been a better price, in my opinion.  However, the set does include nice elements.

To conclude this review, considering all above:

Parts included:  3.5/5   Build:  3/5   Figures:  4.5/5   Overall rating:  I'll give it 3 out of 5 Nerdlys!


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Nathaniel Stoner

     My name is Nathaniel Stoner, and I am an very active LEGO builder.  I mostly build in the themes of castle and science-fiction, but I also dabble in other genres and create occasional random MOC's (My Own Creations). 

     When I was younger, I would get and build small LEGO sets for my birthday, but I was never really into them.  When they fell apart, I would become frustrated attempting to put them back together and would throw them in a box in my closet.  I couldn't stand them!

     Then, miraculously, I became addicted to the LEGO brick later in my teen years.  Ever since, I have continued to build up (pun intended) my collection of bricks and to expand my knowledge of techniques and building skills.  LEGO is truly more than a toy, its an art form and a way to express yourself.

     For the most part, I collect LEGO Star Wars (mainly the minifigs), which is probably my favorite LEGO theme.  I have a fairly decent collection, including some of the original 1999 sets, such as the Snowspeeder, X-Wing, and Naboo starfighter.  I also collected LEGO the Lord of the Rings when those sets first came out.  The minifigs are great, and the story remains one of my favorites ever. 

     My hope is to inspire other young (and perhaps even older) LEGO builders to unleash their inner creativity!  You can find me on my Flikr here