Review: LEGO Architecture Buckingham Palace 21029

When Tommy asked me if I'd like to review one of the new landmark sets from the Architecture series, I jumped at the chance. Having never built a Architecture set before but having an interest in Micro Scale I was keen to see if I could pick up a few new techniques and being able to build somewhere I've visited on several occasions I couldn't wait for my parcel from Billund to arrive.


Once I'd opened the outer packaging and saw the swish set box I knew I was going to be in for a treat. Inside were five unnumbered bags, three base plates and a rather thick glossy instruction manual. The manual is 124 pages and as well as the building instructions it contains some rather interesting facts and history about the Palace. Because the bags were unnumbered I went for the old "open them all and hunt that part down" approach there's 780 pieces so not that many to sort through.

The base building is covered by the first 31 pages of the manual in 20 steps. The built itself is simple, containing lots of tiles and several jumpers. The next section is the back wall, I found this a little simple and I was a little worried by stability it was going to give the build.

I didn't need to have worried, as once the side walls and front doorways were added the build seem to pull together and start to look a little more regal.

The next part was the one I found most interesting and learnt a few new techniques. This was the frontage.

Some builders may find this part of the build a little repetitive and fiddly as there's quite a lot of 1x1 plate pieces, but I was interested as to were and how the frontage would fit together and quite enjoyed this part. Once in place (Another little technique learnt ) you knew this was Buckingham Palace you were building.


As iconic as the frontage is the roof and it's nice to see LEGO have added the Royal Standard to the build. This flies when the Queen is in residence, but I can't remember adding her to the build !


No new techniques with the roof but some simple slope placing adds great effect and as you can guess it solidifys the build and finishes off the Palace itself. Add the main gate, fence and lampposts and all that is really needed now is a little "eye candy".

This comes in the shape of an iconic red London bus and a black cab. These and the Victoria Memorial add just enough detail to be focal points but not distract from the Palace itself. Again simple but effective sub builds.

As I stated at the start of my review this was my first venture into the Architecture range and after my experience it won't be my last. I thoroughly enjoyed each section of the build, learn a few new techniques and ended up with a model which as received the honour of being displayed outside of my Lego room which must mean it's a good looking build. Who knows Mrs Nick may let me display more of the range in our lounge.

I'm going to give it 5 Nerdlys


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