Spacesuit, Spacesuit, SPACESUIT!

I've seen a lot of Minifigure costumes through the years. While they all make me happy, most of the time the proportions or construction is just not quite right. Not the case with this latest cosplay from Henrik Pilerud. It's clear from the beginning of the project that Henrik was determined to get it right, and with outstanding skill and talent, he did.

I'm guessing if you saw any of these images as thumbnails, you'd never suspect there's actually someone inside it. The proportions, attention to detail and material selection is perfect, making this absolutely one of the best Minifigure costumes ever constructed. The construction is primarily high density foam, with a fabric cover. But it's exceedingly clever, even incorporating venting through the top of the head and out of the face, which is mesh.

I had the opportunity to chat with Henrick about this amazing costume.

BN: How long did it take to make this?
HP: 200 hours from research, some 3D modelling, pattern making, cutting, gluing, sewing to finished.

BN: What's been the reaction?
HP:Lots, and lots of smiles! I have only had it at one event so far, but winning the cosplay contest and qualifying for both the Swedish Cosplay Championships and the European contest EuroCosplay Championships together with all the joy the costume spread among the convention goers, I would say was a great success.

BN: What lessons did you learn?
HP: I used a lot of lessons I've learned from previous costumes, both in choices of raw materials, mainly foam, and making it comfortable (as much as possible) to wear the costume. I also learned that I can walk (but not very fast or easily) with short legs with no knees or feet joints.

BN: Do you have any plans for other figures?
HP: Probably no more figures any time soon, but perhaps some more LEGO props and stage dressing for my performances in the coming contests. Having a space ship to scale, would be awesome, but not very realistic. The scale is 46:1 compared to an actual minifig. However, me sharing my work, might inspire others so make costumes of the same, or even higher, quality around the world.

You can learn more about Henrik and how he created this and many more stunning costumes at his Facebook page Pilerud's Cosplay.