Nerdvember 2017 Winners!

Hey all you nerds, we've compiled all the results and the votes are in, we have our 2017 Nerdvember winners. There were so many awesome entries this year, and it was very difficult to narrow them down to three. But here they are in order...

In first place: NerdTron by Oky - Space Ranger
Like every year we can always expect the heavy hitters at the last minute, and every year I'm blown away. I didn't see this entry until I woke up the next morning, and the grin was ear to ear. What a fantastic mashup of Nerdly, Voltron and iconic vehicles of the 80's, well played sir, well played.

Nerdtron: Defender of the 80's
Nerdtron disassembled

In second place: Bob Ross by Palixa And The Bricks
This was no "happy accident". Bob Ross taught millions to paint, and inspired this brilliant entry. And if the name sounds familiar, it's because Palixa And The Bricks won second place last year as well (always the bridesmaid...).

Nerdly Bob Ross - The Joy Of Painting

In third place: Nerdis Brickler's Day Off by Ochre Jelly
Ferris Bueller's Day Off is an all-time favorite movie of mine, and is there anything more quintessentially 80's? It's one of those movies that you start watching no matter what scene it is. Bueller...Bueller....Bueller...

Nerdis Brickler's Day Off

Honorable mentions...
I wish I could send prizes to everyone that entered, you're all amazing. But these entries got a lot of votes too and deserve to be acknowledged.

Arcade by Orion Pax


Nerdly Puft by Simply Bricking It

Nerdly Puft

Sloth by Yatkuu


Ne(rd)o Classic Space by Inthert

Ne(rd)o Classic Space

I'd like send a huge thank you out to the judges this year. There were so many amazing entries it was NOT easy to narrow it down, they did not have an easy job and I appreciate their time. And of course it's not much of a contest without prizes so I'd like to send totally tubular thumbs up to all of the sponsors, you're rad!

Thank you all for a totally bitchin' Nerdvember, see you next year!

We Have Winners!

The judges have weighed in, the votes have been counted and we have clear winners. But before I say anything else I have to say what an incredible group of MOCs from an incredible group of builders. Judging was supremely difficult this year not only from the sheer number of entries, but from the staggering quality, creativity and diversity of all those wonderful Nerdlys. I am blown away and while I wish I could give everyone a prize, there can be only three, so without further ado, the NERDvember 2015 winners...

1st place - Nerdogorth by Paddy Bricksplitter

One of my personal favorites (it should be noted I wasn't a judge) so it makes me happy this is first. A wonderful mashup between a classic Star Wars moment and Nerdly, love it.

The Nerdogorth

2nd place - Nerdly in carbonite by KOS brick

Another personal favorite. When this MOC was posted it gave everyone pause, and upped the ante. A brilliant concept perfectly executed and photographed.

Nerdly in Carbonite

3rd place - Nerdcrawler by Captainsmog

This entry will forever make me imagine that under those dark hoods, Jawas are wearing Nerdly glasses around those glowing yellow eyes.

NERDvember: NERDcrawler

Congratulations to all our winners, you deserve it. And a huge thank you to everyone that entered, you're all awesome. And of course I wish to thank all our sponsors this year, we couldn't do it without you. Until next year, build on and nerd out!