How We Used To Compute

Back when I was a young child, this is what computers looked like. I was in high school before they started showing up at everyone’s house. The incredible thing is, that phone in your pocket probably has more computing power and storage than this entire room (or one that this room represents, let’s face it this one is full of plastic toys). A totally retro build by Jalex.

A Tribute To Ingmar

The AFOL community lost one of its own last month, scale modeler and truck aficionado Ingmar Spijkhoven. Ingmar lost his brave battle with ALS on July 30th. I never had the pleasure to meet him, but we were friends on Facebook, and his passion was infectious. Builder Bricksonwheels built this wonderful tribute to him, sadly he passed before it was completed, but he did get to see some work in progress photos. The tanker trailer is Inmar’s design, being towed by a stunning new Peterbilt 389 tractor. While I love all the shiny chrome, eye-catching red color and scale accuracy, my favorite detail is the license plate.

(The End Of) Summer

This little character by builder nobu_tary is clearly ready for some summer time fun, but I do have to question the timing. Summer ended here this week actually, just last Wednesday all the kids had to shlep their way to school again, and they weren’t smiling like this kid. A fun side note, this was the first “first day of school” that we haven’t had to scramble to get at least one child out of the house in 18 years, so I did have a smile on my face just like this kid.

Barb's Disappearance

It was way back in season 1 of Stranger Things when we lost Barb, and the fans have wanted justice ever since. I keep secretly wishing they’ll bring her back, I know things didn't turn out so well for her, but it’s fantasy, some clever writing can do wonders. Builder Legopard took some cues from the official set and imagines the setting for Barb’s disappearance, and the results are awesome.

Dwalin Forkbeard Goes Viral

The creativity and ingenuity of the AFOL community never ceases to amaze me. Builder Dwalin Forkbeard has been building a series of space MOCs based on of all things viruses. This is his latest, based on tectiviridae, which is a DNA virus, those wonderful things responsible for such ailments as smallpox, herpes and chickenpox. To see a few other ships based on the microscopic contagion world click through to his photostream.