Baserunner MRK-02

This is an impressive beast from builder curtydc. The scale and styling alone would be enough to make you go "whoa", not to mention all the support vehicles that accompany this massive vehicle, but add to that it's remote controlled and "whoa" just doesn't seem to cut it. Take a look at these stats...

- Six 118mm RC4WD Interco IROK 1.9 Scale Tires
- Two XL motors power the 6 wheel drive powertrain
- Two M motors power the 6 wheel steering
- Fully Independent Suspension with 12 Shock Absorbers (2 per wheel)
- Two Battery Boxes 
- Two IR Recievers 
- One Control Switch
- Lots of rubber bands, a couple feet of extension wires, and a lot of blue bricks.

Baserunner MRK-02 (6x6 Exo Recon ATV)
Tactical SV
Tactical Drone
Assault Escort
Medical SV
Container Truck
Rail Defense SYM