Bricks & Boilers

Attention steampunk and LEGO enthusiasts, it's time to compete. Announcing the Bricks & Boilers Exposition, brought to you by the dapper gentleman and lovers of chuff Ted Andes and Guy Himber. There are three categories to enter:

Strut Your Stuff - "Build a Walker for the Grand Parade" - minifig piloted, no size (or leg) limits.
"Hall of Wonders" - "Make a Display Model for the Royal Museum". Free-build category. The device/invention must fit into a 16x16 stud area, but it can unfold into anything larger (build to any scale)
Amusement Gardens - "Create a Moving Carnival Ride/Attraction" - limited to 32x32 stud base area (overhang permitted above the base); “You Control the Action!”

BrickNerd is a proud sponsor of this event so get building, you have until the end of April!

The “Bricks & Boilers” Exposition – Steampunk Competition 2016