Imperial Star Destroyer

I just had a nerdgasm in my kitchen, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m just sitting here drinking my tea and sacrificing a good half of my biscuits to my dumb corgis when I scrolled past this gorgeous Star Destroyer by one case. I wish I had video of my reaction, but it went sort of like this: Scroll scroll scroll, nothing nothing nothing, “hmm, how am I going to post if there’s nothing…” (sharp intake of breath). I stare a moment, “ is this real? Is this a render? (click for a closer look, click again for an even closer look). My eyebrows slowly raise as my mouth opens, I put down the biscuit I’m no longer eating. “Holy crap”. It’s kind of a scaled down reaction of 9 year old me at the movies, a sort of a tingly all over feeling of joy. It made my morning, hope it makes yours too.