LEGO In Hot Water After Unveiling Major Spoiler Set

The LEGO Group has found itself is a bit of trouble after unveiling a new set. The outcry has been severe with the announcement of LEGO 040117 The Destruction Of Jedha as an upcoming May 4th special purchase. The set depicts the aftermath of the destruction of the ancient Jedi city of Jedha, a tragic moment in the film Rogue One. "I can't believe they would reveal such a major plot point like that" said Star Wars super fan Iain Heath. "This is an outrage, think of the children!". The LEGO Company has released the following statement:

The LEGO Company has had a long and prosperous partnership with Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise. We understand how this set could be misconstrued as a "spoiler" but it's been four months since the movie came out, where have you been?

The set is one of the largest ever with 7332 pieces and is going to be available in stores only on May 4th 2017 as part of LEGO's yearly "May the Fourth" celebration.