New Extinction Theory

Dateline October 5th 2017

Dr. Henry Bonedigger of the New Mexico Paleontology Society has proposed a controversial extinction theory of the late jurassic, early cretaceous period. While the leading theory is catastrophic climate change brought on by a cosmic event, a meteor or comet impact most likely, lead to the mass extinction of all the larger dinosaurs. Dr. Bonedigger theorizes the even was in fact brought on by this individual, Ty Rano, and his exceptionally large walking gun. Dr. Skip Tick of the Montana group rebukes "this is insane, to propose that a single individual could do so much damage. There were no gas stations to power that thing". Many scientists have come forward to challenge Dr. Bonedigger's theory but he remains adamant. "While I agree it was a monumental effort, I'm certain Ty and his machine did this." Dr. Bonedigger's theory will be published in the next issue of Paleoworld. He is currently on a north American speaking tour.

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