As you stir from your nap in your quarters you hear a chime from your communications panel. An alert from the head of security flashes on your screen. 

>Open Message

The panel flickers to life and a message from lieutenant Marshal Higgins appears. "You have been selected for an away team at 1600 hours to the nearby moon. Please report to shuttle bay 06". 

>Check Time

The current time is 15:47 Standard Galactic Time

>Get dressed

You open your dresser panel by pressing a button on the wall. With a pneumatic hiss your wardrobe extends into the room. Standard Starfeet uniforms, neatly clean and pressed, swing gently on the bar above.

>Get red shirt

(Star Trek) Custom LEGO® Runabout (01)
(Star Trek) Custom LEGO® Runabout (03)