Slimmer The Backstabber

About Me:
I'm a self made gazillionaire, mostly from well-timed robberies and murder (but I promise I won't murder you) and a successful entrepreneur. I had a lucrative Kickstarter campaign last year to fund my own brand of daggers called "BakStabr" which are selling like crazy, mostly to crazies. I like long walks on the beach and the smell of baking bread. I also like killing (but I promise I won't kill you) and the feel of leather against my skin.

Status: Single
Age: 148
I'm a: Man
I'm Interested in: Women (and killing, but not you)
Country: Krantuu District, Ceta 9
Ethnicity: Shi'i
Height: 7"2"
Smoking: No
Drinking: Only the blood of my enemies
Killing: Absolutely, but not you

Sligmor the Backstabber