You can do it. Sure it's hard to hold five soft serve ice cream cones at the same time, but the family is waiting and you're in a hurry. Besides, you're the dad, and dad's rule. Now if you just arrange the cones in such a way that you can hold one between your middle finger and your forefinger, and one between your forefinger and thumb, and grab the last one between your hands...yes, yes, that'll work. Oh good, he's holding the door for me, thanks dude! Now where did they go? Ah there they are, by the statue, 200 feet away. Wait until the kids see these, I'm a hero, best dad ever. 100 feet, whoa, that lady almost took me out with her stroller. Ack! The middle one is slipping, oh jeez.  50 feet, watch the curb, watch the curb. 25 feet, don't get any ideas mr. seagull, ugh, it slipped again. 10 feet, they see me, look at the gleam in those little eyes! 5 feet, oh crap...


Guess I'm not having ice cream.

Soft Serve Ice Cream