Bulleid Merchant Navy Class

As I’ve stated more than once on this blog I don’t know diddly about trains, so I’ll let builder technoandrew’s description do all the talking… The Merchant Navy class was designed by Oliver Bulleid for the Southern Railway, and introduced many novel features to a British locomotive. However, many of these innovations proved troublesome, so the class were subsequently rebuilt by British Railways to a more conventional design. My model represents the rebuilt version.

Steam Giants

I know practically nothing about trains, but I do appreciate them, especially a classic steam powered beast. And these two by builder Cale Leiphart are about as beastly as they come. At first I thought I was looking at different sides of the same model, then I saw them side by side and it took me a little while to spot the differences. The attention to detail and dedication to accuracy is impressive.

Y6b 02
A class 01
N&W A and Y6b 02