Tour De Paris

Ahh, Paris, the city of lights and love. In this wonderful depiction by Markus Rollbühler you can almost hear the sound of the cafes and see the Eiffel Tower rising above the buildings in the distance. The smell of fresh bread and coffee fills your nose as you walk past a bakery and as you walk over a bridge you can hear and smell the Seine, which is not a pleasant as the bread but is almost as beautiful. You walk past a restaurant and… wait, is that a rat cooking? It must have been your imagination. After all, Paris is a magical place.

Mini Parisian Restaurant

If there's anything I enjoy more than nicely done modular buildings, it's a micro build of said modular buildings. The Parisian Restaurant is one of my favorites, and this miniature version of it by builder Simon NH is instantly recognizable. And just like it's full size counterpart, it's brimming with charm. There's so many clever techniques and part uses here I don't know where to start, so just gawk at it like I've been doing.

Micro Parisian Restaurant