Phasers Out

I always love it when someone builds a good life-size movie prop, and this original Star Trek phaser by buriedbybricks is a great example. Although I wasn't around when the original Star Trek TV show and movies were showing, I still quite like it at times. Sure, the effects are a little old and the cardboard sets are wobbly, but it was a huge step in science fiction entertainment and was sometimes quite impressive. Similarly, this model is old (the builder says he built it in 2010) but excellent. The shaping is splendid and there's lots of great detail.

Star Trek Phaser

Use This, Just Don't Wear A Red Shirt

Star Trek: The Next Generation had some pretty cool tech in it. I'll admit at first I hated these phasers, but over the years they've grown on me (and I have a toy one in the attic). This prop replica by eldeeem isn't quite the right scale according to the builder, but you can't tell from the photograph, it looks spot on and quite cool.

Type 2 Phaser

Boldly Going...


Here at BrickNerd we like to look back, and sometimes to the future. This is an ensemble I built last year. It all started with the phaser, which I built for a friend who was going off to work on the next Star Trek movie. I liked it so much I built one for myself. Then I decided I needed some other props to go with it. The tricorder lights up with the help of some carefully built-in Lifelites.

This is actually the first time I've blogged any of my own MOCs, and to be honest it feels a little weird. Is it cool to post my own stuff? Comment and let me know.