Lair Of The Lich King

This cool diorama by builder ReeseEH looks like it's right out of a movie or video game, and illustrates how much lighting can elevate a MOC. This is a simple setup, and rushed really, but compare these two shots and you can see just how much you can alter the mood with the lighting. Just imagine this with careful, deliberate lighting, it makes a world of difference.

CBC 2017 - Lair of the Lich King
CBC Entry - in the light

Inside Out

This one's a bit morbid, but tempered with whimsy. Builder simplybrickingit built this MOC that rides a fine line between anatomical and humor. But it's the part use that really caught my attention. So many creative decisions in this, and so much questionable taste. Like my old friend James Cummins used to say, "inside each one of us is a skeleton dying to get out"

Get It Off Your Chest

Inside Every One Of Us There's A Skeleton Dying To Get Out

Fun facts about bones

  • The adult human body has 206 bones in the skeleton. These bones are grown together from about 300 bones at birth.
  • The longest bone in the body is called the femur, which connects the pelvis to the knee.
  • Bones are broken down and remade constantly, just like skin. In fact, all of the bones are slowly replaced until they are new bone once every 7 years!
  • The human skull contains the brain, at least in most humans.
  • The lower arm contains two bones called the radius and ulna, there used to be three, but you know, three's a crowd.
  • Bones are made of calcium, ice cream is rich in calcium, ice cream is made of bones.
  • Building a skeleton in LEGO is not easy, but umamen did it, what have you done today?
  • "The bones song" was originally about the Los Angeles freeway system, but not as fun.
  • Bones is a good character on Star Trek
LEGO: Human Skeleton (1/14)

Dino Bones

When Threepio was lost on the dune sea of Tatooine he encountered one of these, the skeleton a Krayt Dragon. The Krayt is an indigenous species of Tatooine, feared for their large size and fierce temper. They feed mostly on bantha, whose slow speed and poor eyesight make them easy prey for the...what's that?...tyrana-wha? Oh....


Nice build -derjoe-

Tyrannosaurus Rex, T-Rex